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Centering Pregnancy

What is Centering Pregnancy® all About?

Centering Pregnancy® is an exciting way for women and their families to get prenatal care. Women spend more time with their health care provider and with other pregnant women, which gives them a chance to learn a lot more about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting.  Below are session outlines, however, information covered will vary based on the groups interest.


Session 1:  Healthy Lifestyle Choices:   Prenatal Testing, Nutrition, Size Your Servings, Food Diary  

Session 2:   Body Changes in Pregnancy, Common Discomforts      

Session 3:   Mental Relaxation, Breastfeeding My Baby

Session 4:   Thinking About My Family, Family Planning, Sexuality, PreTerm Labor

Session 5:   Labor, Birth Facility, Breating, Medications for Labor and Birth.:  When To Call

Session 6:  The Birth Experience

Session 7:  The Newborn's First Days, Planning Pediatric Care, Caring for Your Baby - When to Call

Session 8:   Pregnancy to Parenting Transition, Kick Counts, Emotional Adjustments: Postpartum Depression,  Pregnancy - When to Call

Session  9:  Putting it all Together, Newborn Safety, Infant Massage, Newborn Care -The First Month:    Home and Family Changes, Newborn - When to Call, Mom Postpartum- When to Call


For your convenience, download and print the schedule for your Centering Pregnancy® group.

It's All About Groups

You will be in a group with other women whose due dates are close to yours. In each of nine sessions, you will have a private time with your health care provider and some refreshments. Then you'll meet as a group to discuss questions, concerns, and solutions.

It's All About Self-CareYou will be empowered by playing an active role in your care by taking your own blood pressure and weight (a medical assistant is always available during these self directed skills). You'll receive information and tools to make healthier choices for you, your baby, and your whole family.

It's All About Women

You'll meet other expectant moms and have an opportunity to share stories and learn from one another. You'll be able to talk about health issues that are important to you and all the things you're going through - physically and emotionally. You'll be together every month at first, then, as the birth of your baby approaches, you'll meet every two weeks.

It's All About Time

You'll receive a schedule of all the group times before you even begin. this makes it easy to arrange childcare or meet work obligations. Centering provides built in education during your prenatal visit.  Every minute of your time will be occupied and no time is spent in the waiting room.

Centering Pregnancy® is funded in part by a community grant from the March of Dimes, Shenandoah/Piedmont Division.