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Anthem BCBS Policy Holder FAQs

We have had an increasing number of questions and concerns by our patients regarding the Augusta Health/Anthem BCBS contract negotiations. Along with both parties, and the community, we remain hopeful that mutually agreeable terms will be met. It is vital to understand that although both parties were required to notify the Anthem policy holders 90 days in advance, changes will only take place if they are unable to reach an agreement. It is our understanding that negotiations are on going and an agreement could be reached prior to 1/1/18 or even after that date.

Below are the top 5 questions and answers.

1. Can I continue to see my provider at AHCFW offices?

Absolutely! AHCFW has had and will continue to have a contract with Anthem BCBS in 2018. All services provided in our Fishersville or Lexington office will be processed as it has and will be paid as IN NETWORK. It is important to note that AHCFW is privately owned, and therefore not a part of the Augusta Health or AMG negotiations.

2. I have surgery scheduled by my AHCFW physician in 2018, will I have to pay out of network for the hospital charges?

The care provided by your AHCFW surgeon will be covered as IN NETWORK. We have been provided information from Anthem BCBS that hospital charges for surgeries/procedures that are scheduled and preauthorized by December 31, 2017 will be paid as IN NETWORK. As always, we encourage you to talk to Anthem regarding your specific circumstances.

3. What about surgery needed or scheduled after 1/1/18 by an AHCFW physician, if the contract is not renewed?

Again, care given by an AHCFW provider will be considered IN NETWORK. The hospital portion for surgery not deemed as an emergency, will be processed as out of network.

4. If I am my 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy, can I continue to see my AHCFW provider and deliver at Augusta Health as IN NETWORK?

Absolutely! Patients who have established care at AHCFW and are in their 2nd or 3rd trimester before 1/1/18 will be considered IN NETWORK for both the AHCFW provider and hospital charges.

5. What if I am early in my pregnancy or become pregnant and the contract is not renewed?

Once again, the care provided by your AHCFW healthcare provider will be considered as IN NETWORK. The charges for services provided by the hospital would be considered out of network.

We continue to be hopeful that fair and mutually agreeable terms will be met by Augusta Health and Anthem in the coming weeks. Please note, as always, every plan and circumstance will impact how claims are processed. Please contact Anthem on the number on your card, or reach out to the hospital at: 540-332-5444, by email to: or visit the hospital website at

Please see the form below to request continuation of care by an out of network provider or hospital.